Sunday, September 27

Strange bedfellows?

When people hear I'm interested in both economics and journalism, they tend to be puzzled, thinking the two are unrelated. So when I saw an article about the relationship between an economic think tank I interned at (the Fraser Institute) and a newspaper I interned at (the Vancouver Sun), I was surprised and intrigued. Online B.C. news site The Tyee ran what I thought was a pretty fair article about the two organizations.

It's interesting to note the high rate of citations of the Fraser Institute in the Sun relative to other newspapers, but I think the proximity explanation is a likely one. The Fraser Institute's head office is in Vancouver, which is where most of their employees are (including their two English-language media relations people), so it's natural that there'd be more communication between the Institute and the Sun.

Also interesting were the comments on the article, which seem to indicate that Tyee readers do not think very highly of either of my former employers.