Wednesday, June 9

Cross-continent drive

Last month, I drove from Hamilton, Ontario to Victoria, British Columbia via the United States. It was an interesting four-and-a-half day trip, but my back was sore from all the time spent driving by the end of it.

I got to see a lot of neat small towns along the way. The riverside town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, made a peaceful lunch stop; the Grand Avenue Cafe serves a mean vegetarian lasagna.

Fargo, North Dakota wasn't the most scenic town I passed through, but their third-annual zombie pub crawl, which coincided with my visit, made for some intriguing people watching.

My favourite stop on the trip was Missoula, Montana. Of all the places I passed through, it was the only one that seemed to have its own unique flavour. I was expecting a cowboy town, like most of the other cities in Montana, but it was very much a young, fresh mountain town. Montana in general is beautiful. I'd like to head back at some point to explore it more.

In my next few posts, I'll share some economic-related observations from my trip.